Networking Solutions

Strategic Information Systems is a Premier Network Service provider offering Local Area Network(LAN) design and implementation, Virtual Private Networks(VPN) and Wide Area Network(WAN) configuration using various technologies. We also offer data and voice convergence solutions based on CISCO equipment and other hardware.

The use of the internet is thrilling and moreover it has become the norm for businesses to subscribe to internet but the threat on one’s system is also real, that’s why at SIS we see to it that our customers are not compromised in any way through offering security intrusion prevention systems based on hardware and software firewalls and also network traffic monitoring solutions for bandwidth optimisation.

At SIS we also do:

  •   Microwave Implementations
  •   Fibre Maintanance
  •   Fibre Implementations
  •   Network Infrastructure
  •   Managed Services
  •   Data Centre Builds
  •   Cooling Systems

    Management and utilization of information today relies heavily on network functionality. SIS offers a diverse rich mix in Networking Solutions that includes Ethernet, Wireless based on the latest 802.11n standard, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), Virtual Private Networks (VPN) configuration and WAN Consulting Services and Configurations.We fully design and implement physical  Local Area Networks, customize to customers needs mostly segmenting into VLANs for multiple and smaller broadcast domains which improves overall network performance at Layer 2 and also provide security across various departments that ordinarily need not share certain information resources. We also offer continued support on such.Security threats  from both external and internal parties remains an issue to every organization especially those connected to the Internet, which today is a basic tool in running a business. We have responded to this by adopting a hybrid of in-house bred and industry standard security solutions that include Anti-virus, Anti-spyware, Anti-spam and Intrusion Prevention Firewalls based mainly on Linux, Cisco and ESET products. We have to date deployed these across various industry sectors from the SOHO, SME and Enterprise Categories and continue to update the solutions based on the Global and Industry trends.